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with 10 years of experience

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Hi, I'm Kj, Industry leading Digital marketing expert! I have attended many international marketing and advertising conferences as a speaker and as a part of expert panels.

In past I have worked with many government and private organisations including (but not limited to); The Ministry Of Tourism for Azerbaijan, Dubai tourism Department, Baku Grand Prix, The Dubai film festival and many more...

What You Can Expect From Us:

Data Driven Design

We rely on data to design our digital experiences. Focused heavily on achieving your desired outcome while delivering users an engaging and seamless interaction with your brand.

Bringing (well thought out) Ideas to Life

After our designers present you with wireframes we work with you to map out your user experience.

Quality Assurance

As a web page is developed we assess site code to ensure everything functions exactly as expected and ensure it looks good on any screen size.

The Winning Combination

When it's all said and done you'll not only have a stunning new face for your brand. But an effective, seamless to use, conversion driven design experience for your users.

KJ is motivated forward thinking and an intelligent person who has lots of knowledge in his field. He is broad-minded. His exceptional work flow, skills, ingenuity and comprehension of change (I had lots of change requests when we worked towards promoting Azerbaijan) something that made working with him a dream. He consistently demonstrates solid work ethics as a media partner, being reliable and innovative. I find his enthusiasm both inspiring and motivating.

Irene Osegere


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